Elevate your tea experience with single-origin Japanese teas

Discover our organic, single-origin teas from Miyazaki, where we craft small batches during the first flush, preserving nature's essence and showcasing artisanal finesse for a unique tea experience.

Our story

Just like wine has its 'terroir', so does Japanese tea. Let's pair our single-origin tea with some food and enjoy it like we do a fine vino!

2024 Spring newly harvested Sencha

Our first batch of Sencha tea for 2024 features a cultivar called "Asatsuyu". It boasts an exuberant floral aroma unique to early harvest teas, delightfully tickling your senses. With notes of meadow grass and a robust, meaty body complemented by hints of ripe passion fruit, we are delighted to share this vibrant green tea with you.


Powdered Tea