A Hidden Gem: Miyazaki Prefecture.

Nestled on Japan’s southern isle of Kyushu, Miyazaki is a realm of pristine air and captivating landscapes. Often overshadowed by its famed neighbors - Shizuoka and Kyoto - Miyazaki's unique climate cocktail of gentle rainfalls and abundant sunshine positions it as an unsung hero in the realm of premium tea cultivation.

  • Nature's Embrace: Organic

    Through age-old organic farming practices, we merge the essence of aged mushrooms, residual tea, and ocean seaweed to breathe new life into our partners' fields' soils. This endeavor is our tribute to nature, ensuring a harmonious balance between the sea's depths, the forest's serenity, and our tea sanctuaries.

  • Pure Essence: Single Origin

    Our journey is defined by authenticity. We dedicate ourselves to "single farm" and "single variety" sourcing, shining a spotlight on each tea's distinct characteristics and the artisanal finesse of its creator

  • Spring's Whisper: First Flush

    Our pursuit of excellence takes us to the season's dawn – the "first flush". Harvesting the young, tender leaves of early spring, we ensure that our tea embodies unmatched freshness and quality.

  • Handcrafted Legacy: Small Batch

    Our ethos is intertwined with the values of tradition and integrity. By cherishing our bond with tea farmers and roasters, we stand firm in our commitment to small batch cultivation, capturing the essence of tea at its most genuine, harvested with ethical and responsible hands