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Sencha Powder

Sencha Powder

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About the Tea

This Sencha powder is ground in a traditional stone mill using the same process as our ceremonial grade matcha. It dissolves easily in hot and cool water, making it an approachable and convenient way to enjoy our delicious sencha. In the summer,
we recommend adding a teaspoon of powder to 500ml of cool water, mixing well, and pouring over ice. After an active day, this is a great way to refresh and recharge.

CULTIVAR — Saemidori
ORIGIN —  Miyazaki, Japan

TYPE — Green Tea
NET. WT. — 1.7oz (50g)

INGREDIENTS — Organic Green Tea
FLAVOR NOTES —  Grassy, Fresh, Vegetal
HARVEST DATE — Apr 18, 2023

Brewing Tips 

Add one teaspoon (about 2g) of tea powder to hot or cold water, stirring gently.
Hot Tea: We recommend about 300ml hot water, or to taste.
Iced Tea: We recommend shaking with 500ml cool water.

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