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Citron Sencha

Citron Sencha

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About the Tea

A locally harvested, carefully balanced medley of 3 citrus fruits complements the earthiness of our signature Sencha in this blend. Let the vibrant aromas transport you to the Japanese countryside as you enjoy the soft and fragrant citrus flavor of our Citron Sencha.

CULTIVAR — Asatsuyu
ORIGIN —  Miyazaki, Japan

TYPE — Organic Green Tea, Hassaku, Daidai, Lemon
NET. WT. — 1.7oz (50g)

INGREDIENTS — Organic Green Tea,  Peppermint
FLAVOR NOTES —  Citrus, Gentle Sweetness
HARVEST DATE — Apr 18, 2023

Brewing Tip

Steep 3 grams of tea leaves in 180ml of hot water at 178°F for 30 seconds.



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